Epiphany Elephant

About Us

Epiphany Elephant is a California based 501(C)3 non profit organization. Epiphany Elephant was founded by Jason T. Amason in the year 2000 but attained 501(C)3 status in January of 2001.



Epiphany Elephant's sole purpose is to provide care for African and Asian elephants. 

 With the threat of deforestation decreasing the elephants natural habitat, the Asian elephant is decreasing at an alarming rate.

  It is estimated that the African elephant population will decrease by more than 73% by the year 2025. These beautiful and intelligent creatures play a vital role in our delicate ecosystem and your support is desperately needed.


Epiphany Elephant intends to raise funds through educational workshops and informative lectures as well as group studies and events to help identify the urgent care for the ever growing needs of these endangered animals. These events will be a continued effort to help the ongoing needs of both the African and Asian elephant populations. 


 The organization will attempt to raise funds and revenue through social activities like 50/50 raffles, Bingo, Bunco Tag Sales and participation at community events and the possibility of a traveling museum exhibit. Any and all activities will be conducted and coordinated by the Directors of the Corporation and records are available upon request. 100% of all proceeds benefit the elephant species.

Our organization utilizes a simple, but effective web building tool to help keep costs to a minimum, thus maximizing the funding available to our mission, the Elephant.